7:30 pm


7:30 pm

Criminal Dinner

In love, engaged, deceased

A new case for Inspector Geroldseck and "Wachtmeischder Backes" in the Saarland of the Twenties! 

Tonight, the well-known industrialist Horst Stichling is getting engaged, which is not going to go without a hitch. Not only is the prospective groom led in handcuffs, but his relatives are also out to get him. Communist brothers clash with conservative sisters, and then there is the matter of a broken heart, which causes plenty of trouble.

When a shrill scream announces a terrible murder, it becomes clear that nothing will come of a quiet evening. Together with Inspector Geroldseck and the watchman Backes, the guests are called upon to solve the crime. Find out who among the suspects has a motive for the murder and who makes the crucial mistake during the interrogation. Fun and excitement are guaranteed!

At the end of the dinner, the guests take the "Saarland Oath" and become part of an exclusive criminal community. 

This play is an entertaining reunion with some of the characters from "Murder in the Best of Circles". However, prior knowledge of this play is not necessary.


Bearnaise risotto
with seared lachs stripe
Pink roasted duck breast
with orange butter with green asparagus, sweet potato puree
Rhabarber crumble
with strawberry sorbet and mint cream

Vegetarian menu

with red pesto
Green asparagus
with orange butter small tomatoes and sweet potato puree
Rhabarber crumble
with strawberry sorbet and mint cream

€89.00 per person

plus beverages

Overnight offer for two people:
Large deluxe room with breakfast included

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