Rules for dogs

It´s a match!

Dogs choose once for the rest of their lives.
They do not wonder if they really wants to grow old with us.
They just do.
Once we have earned their love, that love is absolute.

Dogs, as we all know, are very dear to our hearts. Nevertheless, we must draw your attention to the following in consideration of your fellow human beings:

Dogs must not be taken into the restaurant.

  • We charge €15.00 per day per dog.
  • We kindly ask you to keep your dog on a lead on the entirety of the castle grounds and in Saareck Park.
  • Please only walk your little darling outside the hotel complex in Saareckpark Gassi.
  • Please also keep your fellow human beings in mind if you leave your darling alone and the tranquillity of the premises could potentially be disturbed by barking.
  • Our housekeeping staff will not be able to clean your room if your dog is left alone.
  • Unfortunately, we will have to charge for any damage or soiling caused by your four-legged friend.

Despite these unfortunately essential conditions, your dog will certainly feel very comfortable with us. Thank you for your understanding!


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