Adeline and Luitwin von Boch

In 1901, newly-weds Adeline von Boch, née Freiin von Liebieg from Reichenberg/Liberec, Bohemia, and Luitwin von Boch – Managing Director of Villeroy & Boch from 1917 until 1932 - decided to build a house. The location was the former “Saarecks Ländchen” area, converted into an English-style park by ancestor Eugen von Boch. They appointed the renowned Cologne-based architect Ludwig Arntz, who was both a master builder and a monument conservator. He succeeded in constructing the Historicism-style architectural gem.

Construction started on 5 July 1902 and the couple were able to take up residence in Saareck Castle as early as 1903. An extension was added to Saareck Castle in 1911 and 1912, planned by the architect Eugen Schmohl. Until the middle of the Second World War, Saareck Castle was the residence of the family of Luitwin II, the eldest son of the couple who had died suddenly in 1932. Luitwin II (1906-1988) steered Villeroy&Boch’s fate for a total of forty years.

During the Second World War, in 1942, Luitwin von Boch had Saareck Castle converted into a military hospital with a large red cross on the roof, protecting it from destruction. During the period immediately after the war, the Castle was used as an administration building by the occupying forces. 

After 1946, many Villeroy&Boch employees whose homes had been destroyed, as well as refugee relatives of the von Boch family, found shelter in Saareck Castle. In 1954, Luitwin II von Boch transferred his family home of Saareck Castle to Villeroy & Boch. It then became the company’s guesthouse, where we welcome you.


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