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Saarland is famous for its wines

Wine arrived in Saarland almost 2,000 years ago over Roman roads, but it is only in the last decades that Saarland vineyards managed to create wines of increasingly higher quality. In the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine-growing region, vines with white Burgundy grape varieties grow on shell limestone soil on an area of around 130 hectares. Auxerrois blanc, a Saarland speciality, has replaced Elbling as the leading grape variety. About a dozen wineries produce fruity and light wines that serve as ideal companions to food. Many of them have been awarded prestigious prizes in recent years. In addition to still wines, excellent sparkling wines are vinified and fermented in the bottle with yeast.

Saarland Wine Summer is a special event.
On this occasion, at weekends from April until October, the wineries in Perl open their wine cellars on a rotating basis and invite you to enjoy their still and sparkling wines
 in a cosy atmosphere.

Another highlight is the SaarRieslingSommer event: On the last weekend of August, several top wineries of the Saar region open their doors and cellars to visitors. Enjoy special wines in a relaxed atmosphere in beautiful places, and experience what makes this wine region so special: the landscapes and people, traditions and departures, architecture, diversity and a dedication to nothing but the best. At each stop, you will encounter exciting guest wineries from other growing regions in Germany and abroad. Everyone is welcome, from professionals to wine novices.

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