Day trips

in the region

Old Abbey Park

The park of the Old Abbey is home to rare exotic trees and historical buildings, as well as the oldest religious building in the greater region, the Old Tower, with its octagonal floor plan. Built as a burial chapel for St. Luitwinus, the building is over 1,000 years old and has been extensively restored in recent years.

Stones at the border

There are 26 stone works of art on an old border road. These artworks were made by 25 artists from three continents. The project is called “Stones at the Border”. Sculptor and professor Paul Schneider had the idea. He comes from Saarland. The path starts near Büdingen. It goes through the middle of vast fields all the way to France. The project is a sign of the neighbourly relationship between the two countries.

Saarschleife treetop walkway

Above the natural wonder of the Saarschleife, in the spa area of Orscholz, the accessible treetop walkway offers unique views and adventures. Experience this unique forest landscape and its life forms in a new dimension.

Sensory Garden

Experience eleven different garden “rooms” in the garden complex on the topics of water, meditation, roses, theatre, spring/autumn, sounds, gravel, colours and touch, as well as the temporary garden and a children’s play garden.

Climbing park Merzig

Climbing park Merzig is the newest and largest climbing park and high-rope garden in the greater region. Europe’s largest, outdoor climbing park is located directly in the border triangle of Saarland, Luxembourg and France.

Werner Freund Wolf Park

The “Werner Freund Wolf Park” in Kammerforst in Merzig is an eight-hectare wooded home to wolf packs from various continents: European grey wolves from Lithuania, white polar wolves, Canadian timber wolves and Mongolian wolves.

Saar fleet or Maria Croon

Experience Saarland’s landscape and landmarks from onboard a ship. From the lock entrance directly to the landmark of Saarland, the Saarschleife. This is an absolute must-see.

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