08/04. & 09/04/2023

from 6:00 pm

08/04. & 09/04/2022

from 6:00 pm


Wonderful springtime is knocking on the door again

Hey, yoo-hoo! Come here! Let’s look for the Easter egg! Always, here and there and everywhere! No matter how well hidden, it’s always finally found. Here’s an egg! There’s an egg! And another one on the ground! Soon we’ve collected them all.

Hoffmann von Fallersleben (literal translation)


Marinated green asparagus
with tomatoes, basil and smoked salmon
Carrot ginger soup
Veal back steak with herb crust
white turnips, snow peas, and potatoes baked in butter
Caramelized mango fan
with strawberry sorbet and mint cream

€55.00 per person

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