7:30 pm


7:30 pm

Criminal Dinner

Sherlock Holmes & the Devil's Foot

Join Britain's most famous detective and his trusty friend Dr Watson on their latest case on a grim Cornish moor. The long estranged Tregennis family invites you to a big reconciliation party, but it is suddenly overshadowed by a terrible murder. Which of the people present has a motive for the murder? And what is it about the legendary Devil's Foot that plays such an important role in this case?

Look forward to a murderous excursion into Victorian England and be curious to see if you can convict the perpetrator through the evidence and the interrogation.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Smoked trout tartare
with capers and pumpernickel, served with autumn salad
Roast beef pink fried
with Meaux mustard sauce, steamed pak choy and grilled tomato, jacket potatoes
Light and dark chocolate mousse
with red wine pears

Vegetarian menu

Vegetable curry tartare
with roasted pumpkin seeds, served with autumn leaf salad
Crêpe roll
stuffed with pak choy and tomato, Meaux mustard sauce and jacket potatoes
Light and dark chocolate mousse
mit Rotweinbirnen

€89.00 per person

plus beverages

Overnight offer for two people:
Large deluxe room with breakfast included

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