7:30 pm


7:30 pm

Criminal Dinner

Requiem for a Don

We are in Chicago in the 1930s. Various Mafia clans are fighting for power, and there are always fierce battles within the widely ramified families and clans.

Don Corleone, the most powerful of all the dons, has been treacherously murdered during the celebration of his 65th birthday. The godfather had actually intended to announce during the celebration who he would appoint as his successor. But nothing came of it!

Direct suspects are four people from his own family, all of whom have a very good motive and belong to the city's criminal giants. But the Mafia can't possibly let this disgrace stand, so the clans have decided that the nephew of the deceased, famous for his cleverness, should solve the cowardly murder on the very day of the crime.

He is actively supported in his investigation by you - Don Corleone's mafia guests! The circumstances of the murder must be re-enacted, and participants from the audience will also have a say in the interrogation of the suspects.

Look forward to exciting investigations in Chicago's underworld, in which not only an urn with the bones of a saint but also a parrot will play a decisive role.


Fennel and blood orange salad
with porched red mullet and olive oil
Duck breast roasted pink
with aceto balsamico, served with braised endive, yellow carrots and baked sweet potato
Caramelised apple tart
with homemade almond ice cream

Vegetarian menu

Fennel and blood orange salad
with porched courgette, fried parsley and pine nuts
Strudel dumplings
stuffed with savoy cabbage and tomatoes, served with braised endive, yellow carrots and baked sweet potato
Apple chocolate tartlet
with apple sorbet

€89.00 per person

plus beverages

Overnight offer for two people:
Large deluxe room with breakfast included

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